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Whatever your DEGAUSSING, DESTROYING and ERASING needs we have an efficient and cost effective solution with our Degaussers and Destroyers.

Datagone hard drive eraser and degausser

Hard Drive Degaussers

Degaussers and erasers designed especially to erase computer hard drives. Permanently removes all data from hard disk drives to prevent retrieval.

Security NSA sdd-master hard drive degausser and eraser

Security Approved Degaussers

Government certified Degaussers provide you with the maximum security response needed. We offer solutions to fit any budget: from the most highly-rated NSA-approved degausser on the market to the more cost effective manual solution with NSA and NATO Approval.

Hard drive and SSD Destroyers

Hard Drive and SSD Destroyers

A complete range of Destroyers for Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives and other data bearing media.

Many units are High speed physical Destroyers.