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Crunch 250 NSA/CSS EPL HDD Destroyer

Hard drive destroyer and solid state drive crusher

  • 250 full height and 500 laptop hard drives per hour
  • 9 second cycle time


The Crunch 250 HDD crusher is a powerful and fast SSD and hard drive destroyer which renders a wide range of storage devices unusable. Simple and safe to operate, destruction of media is guaranteed. The Crunch 250 provides a perfect accompaniment to a degausser providing the best way to destroy a hard drive whilst also being an ideal solution for companies who recycle used media storage devices.

The Crunch 250 hard disk crusher is fitted with our unique Data Destruction Auditor which enables the user to document and verify HDD and SSD destruction and create data protection audit-ready reports which can be used as evidence of the destruction process. Find out more about the Data Destruction Auditor here. With its enhanced features, the Crunch 250 is the most effective media and hard drive destroyer on the market.

Crunch 250 HDD/SSD Destroyer with standard 1 year warranty including SSD Adaptor

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