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MediaDice® – Solid State Drive Disintegrator (MD-SSD/D)

The MediaDice SSD Disintegrator is a continuous cycle knife mill that disintegrates SSDs at a rate of 360 per hour (average 1 SSD every 10 seconds).

The MD-SSD is compact and portable, and designed for facilities such as data centers that need to destroy large volumes of SSDs on site, before they leave their secure facility. Its footprint is about the size of a small floor-standing photo copier/printer.

The SSDs are fed into the machine manually or via an auto loader, and disintegrated by a powerful knife mill that repeatedly chops the media until it is reduced to particles of 2 mm or less. The disintegrated particles are then vacuumed through a metal screen and into a debris collection bin.


The media feeder of the MD-SSD destroyer accepts SSDs without the need to remove plastic or aluminum casings, or use of any special adapters

Media may be fed manually, one-at-a-time into the MD-SSD, or in batches of up to 25 using the optional auto loader.


Key Benefits

  • Potentially hazardous debris is collected directly into the vacuum's debris collection bag until safely disposed.

  • HEPA Filtration system traps any potentially harmful airborne particulates from the disintegration of circuit boards, electronic components, and silicon-based memory and integrated circuit chips.

  • RFI and EMI Suppression to minimize interference with other electronic equipment in the vicinity/li>

  • Noise suppression to less than 70db which is much quieter than the 85db threshold acceptable to OSHA for workplace

  • Machine automatically powers off to conserve energy

Product Features

  • Portable and safe for office and data center deployment for sanitization at source

  • Intuitive LCD touch screen interface to control all security access and operational functions

  • Password controlled access to user, administrator and service functions

  • Disintegrates SSDs, SIM cards, CAC ID cards, EMV credit cards, magnetic strip cards, optical media (CD, DVD, BluRay) small circuit boards, memory cards, 

  • Disintegrates entire aluminum and plastic encased SSDs without need to remove casings

  • Disintegrates up to 360 SSDs per hour (1 SSD every 10 seconds)

  • SSDs are disintegrated to 2 mm nominal edge length or less

  • Fully automatic, hands-off operation

  • Fully automatic batch loader, or manual single feeder

  • Cycle counter to track volume of media destroyed and maintenance required

  • Automatic jam detection and shutdown

  • Default lock-out security for any unprocessed media in the machine in case or power interruption

  • Safe, secure debris collection into Vacuum with HEPA filter

  • EMC, GMA compliant; EM/RF interference suppression

  • OSHA workplace compliant for noise, electrical, mechanical and airborne particulate hazards


Technical Specifications


MediaDice Solid State Drive Disintegrator (MD-SSD/D)



740 lbs


Shipping Weight (including packing, crating, pallet)

1,028 lbs


42" Wide (from left to right)
34" Deep (front to back of machine)
44" High (floor to top of machine)


Shipping Dimensions

52.5" Wide
46" Deep
56" High


Power Requirements (voltage/frequency/current)

See label on the rear of your machine for specific factory settings
220-240 Volts A.C, Single or 3 Phase
50/60 Hz.
20 Amps


Current Drawn

11 Amps (no load)


Power Cord Included

Length: 10ft. 12 AWG, 4 Conductor, grounded NEMA L15-20P locking plug


Ambient Operating Tempature

40-100 F


Media Sanitization Modality

Knife Mill disintegrated media to nominal edge length of 2mm or less.


Media machine designed to sanitize

1.8" and 2.5" SSds.
Also sanitizes SIM Cards, FLash Cards, CAC ID, EMV Credit Cards, Magnetic Strip Cards, CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays, small Circuit Boards, Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives
In reality the manual feed will only accept SSd's, optical media and other media including small low-profile circcuit boards up to the size of an SSD or CD/DVD


Media Sanitization Throughput

360 SSDs per hour (avg. 1 SSD every 10 seconds)



Floor mounted.
Has built in casters for mobility, and leveling feet for stability.


Machine Control/ Monitoring

Switch on manually.
Security access, machine control and status via PLC touch screen.

Media Feeding

Auto loader with 25 SSD capacity cassette
Manual feed port for inserting one device at a time

Debris Collection

Media are disintegrated in knife mill chamber and extracted directly into an on-board HEPA Vacuum



Automatic shutdown if media jam is detected either in the auto-loader or in the knife mill. It can manually be unjammed and restart the operation.



Completely automatic, hands-off operation. Won't operate if lock-out doors are not completely closed preventing hands of pieces of clothing from being accidently caught in the moving parts of the machine.
User never has to touch potentially dangerous debris,
HEPA Filtration to meet with MRV8 air quality standard.


100,000 SSDs and other media MTBFD
Period replacement of vacuum bag and/or HEPA Filters by user. Periodic service by manufacturer approved qualified service personnel may be required to adjust, sharpen or replace the knife mill blades, or re-tension the knife mill drive belt.

Technical Support

On-call technical support service department; nationwide and international technical support team that can be deployed if and when repairs or maintenance needed.

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